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      ABOUT US

      Changzhou Caibo International Co.Ltd. is a synthetical foreign trade company, which has direct import & export managing right authorized by the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation.We are specialized in line of knitwear, cooperating with many famous European brands and exporting to European countries, U.S.A., and Canada market mainly.We have various gauge machine, from 1.5gg to 16gg, and hand knit, hand crochet. We could do knitwear in yarn dye, piece dye, space dye, dip dye, tie dye, stonewash, with printing, beading and embroidery. We developed new series of knitwear combined with woven fabric, fur, suede, etc.Welcome to visit our showroom in Changzhou. We’ll try our best to supply good service, high quality goods, competitive price to you.



      Address: 3rd floor, building 4, hongmei science and technology pioneer park, hongmei street, tianning district, changzhou city, jiangsu province

      Tel: 086-519-85250100

      Fax: 086-519-85250900

      E-mail: david@czsweater.com

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